Saturday, June 27, 2009

Follow us to

Natalie's news is moving to Bret has worked hard over the last few months to make our own site more user-friendly (namely more Andrea friendly) so I can upload photos as easily as on this site. I'll be posting some updates soon, and that's where we'll share photos and tidbits about New Baby when he/she decides to arrive (I've still got two weeks, in theory)...

In the meantime, my craft blog will remain the same: I'm overdue for a few updates on that site, too...

Hope to hear from you at!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Our little artist, video and photos

Natalie has always taken an interest in pens and paper. I suppose it's no wonder considering her mommy's love for such implements... This week, I got one of my biggest parenting thrills to date when Natalie started drawing recognizable faces!

First, Daddy drew a person with a blank face and she drew in the eyes, nose, and mouth in places most people would acknowledge to be facelike. Yesterday, she drew the circles for the faces herself and proceeded to fill in the rest of the features. Some are more abstract than others, but as a parent, I couldn't be prouder!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

How do they do it?

The creative team at Pixar is nothing short of purely amazing, and I'm ever so thankful for their clever collective genius. I still have a semblance of my sanity thanks to Pixar movies' high rewatch value. I'm currently watching "Toy Story 2" for the, oh, 40th time in recent memory, and I still like this movie.

I've mostly gotten over my qualms about letting Natalie watch movies nearly to her heart's content, largely because we make it out of the house most mornings. Plus, I think I'll come to rely on Pixar and friends more than ever during New Baby's first few weeks/months on the outside, and I don't want to feel too guilty about it!

Back to Pixar and my gratitude... We've recently rented some non-Pixar flicks, and they're fine to enjoy for one, maybe two viewings. After subsequent playings, they become first inane then insufferable. I don't think I could stomach any more "Madagasgar" or much more "Robots." They're just not as clever, or their modicum of cleverness is overshadowed by lowbrow jokes, too-trendy music, and flat plots... Somehow, Pixar has managed to avoid those pitfalls and has consistently created films that can be enjoyed 50-plus times by a toddler and her mommy...

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Getting bigger

Five weeks till my due date, and I'm still getting bigger. This baby is quite active, at least compared to Natalie (yes, the comparisons begin before No. 2 is even born). Natalie was head down early on and content to stay that way. This one's all over the place, though roughly in the head-down position.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

All kinds of fun

Natalie showed up in the kitchen just in time to "help" make brownies one evening...

Not only have Natalie and Daddy been playing Boggle, they've been playing Mario Kart on the Wii. Natalie seemed to do best at going in circles.

Natalie got to "hold" baby Tilly Miller the other evening. She seems to be getting more fascinated with the new baby and excited about our own new little one, due in just a few weeks. I hope she stays this excited once the baby starts taking up Mommy and Daddy's time and attention!