Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Away from the manger

In mid-December, our friend Susan Sullivan shared her brilliant idea for marauding infants tired of tinsel: the Fisher-Price nativity set.

Now, Natalie has her own special Christmas decoration that she can thrash at will.

Today, Ground Zero caught my eye. The aftermath of Hurricane Natalie seemed more ... organized than ever.

Joseph: "Have you seen the Baby Jesus?"
Wise Guy No.2: "I could have sworn he was right here ..."
Mary: "I turned my back for five seconds ..."
Wise Guy No. 1: "Ooooooh, my head ..."

Fortunately, Baby Jesus was found relatively unscathed on the coffee table.

1 comment:

Susan said...

So glad she liked it! Brian presses the angel on the top to turn on the music over and over again and mostly ignores all of the people and animals. Every year I take the set out of the box and just leave it on the coffee table or an end table for the whole season, then I pack it up again with the other Christmas decorations so it will be "new" for him the next year. So far so good but next year he'll have to share it with his little brother or sister! I'm glad that Natalie enjoyed hers.