Monday, January 28, 2008

Birthday parties! Part 1

On Jan. 12, the Saturday before Natalie's birthday, Bret and I threw a family party for our soon-to-be one-year-old. Ryan, Sarah, and Hattie Miller were gracious enough to allow us to have the festivities at their house. In addition to the Millers, Natalie's Grandma Julie and Grandpa George; Grandma and Grandpa Parker; Great-Grandpa Parker; and Aunt Becky, Uncle Kyle, and cousin Landon all celebrated with the birthday girl. We missed Grandma and Grandpa Rooks--they'd planned to come, but ended up needing to stay home to get over a nasty cold.

The food included carrots, apples, bananas, yogurt, oatmeal cookies, guacamole, and turkey and cheese roll sandwiches--all foods that Natalie has eaten.

Natalie and Hattie had fun playing together. Natalie's cousin Landon also joined the fun and showed off his walking skills (he was too fast to be in many of the photos!).

Here, we caught Landon sitting on Natalie. She hardly noticed, and I think it's a good experience for her, since she often sits on Hattie.

Natalie's great-grandpa gave her something we'll always cherish: the rocking horse and matching bench (not pictured) that I had when I was a baby. He and my grandma lovingly refurbished it and have been waiting to give it to Natalie.

It took Natalie a little while to warm up to the cake, but she figured out what her audience expected of her. She eventually had frosting all over her face and started lobbing it onto the floor before we removed her from the premises. She seemed to enjoy the few bites she got into her mouth (it was a Costco carrot cake--I settled for store-bought after I realized that there was absolutely no way I'd have enough time or energy to make one from scratch).

It was a wonderful birthday celebration!


Jen Graham said...

How fun was her first birthday? Those are great pictures!

ghamner said...

Wow!! Already a year old... Happy Birthday, Natalie!

Love, the Hamners

P.S. Rowan will be six (what!?) months on 1/31. That one year mark will surely come just as quickly for us too!

Sarah said...

Thank you for letting us share in Natalie's birthday festivities! I can hardly believe that Natalie's 1 year, marked Hattie's 7 months! Weren't they both born just yesterday????