Thursday, January 31, 2008

Birthday parties! Part 2

On Jan. 14 (Natalie's actual birthday), Bret and I invited a bunch of our friends to join us at Bon Temp's Creole Cafe in San Luis Obispo. Bon Temp's is not only a fun restaurant with a lively atmosphere and delicious Cajun food, it's a meaningful place for me and Bret--eight years ago (almost to the day), we had our first date there. It turned out to be a wonderful place to celebrate Natalie's first birthday with our church family. We had the whole back room to ourselves, so the toddlers could roam at will.

Diane had fun dancing with Natalie to the New Orleans-inspired music.

Bret and I helped Natalie open her gifts. Here, she has a stylish red skirt from the McCarleys. Natalie looks great in red... (A special thanks goes to Brandon Edmonds for grabbing our camera and taking pictures during the festivities.)

Hattie Miller was quite the party animal.

Evelyn Greene (with dad, Phil) was also a party animal of the most cute kind.

Josiah McCarley seemed to enjoy the friends and Cajun grub.

A good time was had by all--including Brandon--and Natalie will always be able to see how celebrated she was on her first birthday.

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