Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Early spring

At the beginning of March, Natalie's Grandma and Grandpa Parker visited us while testing out their new travel trailer. They camped for a week in Morro Bay, which gave Natalie her first taste of "camping."

Grandpa and Grandma gave Natalie a new book, which depicts rubber duckies in various scenes complete with props corresponding to the letters of the alphabet. Let's just say this "Alpha Ducks" book is kitschy and a perfect book for me, er, Natalie.

Grandpa noticed this sign outside the Bayside Cafe in Morro Bay. There's never a real worry about Natalie being left unattended for long when the grandparents are around!

Grandpa can't get enough of Baby Natalie.

Natalie hasn't had much experience with grass, so when we do put her down on a lawn, she tries to keep her fee from touching the scratchy green stuff. She looks like a little puppy trying not to get her paws wet! She eventually made her peace with the grass and started playing with a dandelion flower.

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Flo Oakes said...

So so so so so precious!
Hmm..there are times when the "offer" on that sign seems appealing... hahaha.