Thursday, March 6, 2008


February seemed like a particularly long month for some reason -- maybe it was that extra day this year. We Rookses had two lovely weekends with family at the end of the month, after continuing to unwind from Christmas and Natalie's birthday celebrations (it seems to take longer to unwind these days!).

(I can't seem to find any photos of when Grandma Julie and Grandpa George visited at the end of February. It could be that we didn't take any because Natalie and I were sick ... )

Feb. 16: Montana de Oro
On a gorgeous late morning, we headed to the beaches of Montana de Oro State Park with Natalie's Grandma and Grandpa Rooks. It was Natalie's first tide-pool adventure.

I had fun with the camera while everyone else hunted for and gathered sea shells and interesting rocks.

Grandma Roberta said she especially enjoyed the peace that the ocean brings her.

The ocean also brought Grandma a little wetness! The tide came in a little faster than she expected, and she got stranded.

I hoped that Natalie would fall asleep on daddy's back while he explored the beach ...

... but no such luck. Natalie needed to be with mommy for her nap.

The excursion to Montana de Oro was part of Grandma and Grandpa's birthday party for Natalie, since they were sick and had to miss the January festivities.

Bret found some interesting sea critters during his exploration of the tide pools. He was happy to get his hands on the camera and document the beautiful landscape.

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Regina said...

What a wonderful outing! The pictures bring back memories of the sights, sounds & smells of the coast. We love you all!