Thursday, April 24, 2008

My whereabouts

I thought I'd share some photos of what I've been working on for the past four months--sorry, only one Natalie photo in this post. I don't have my craft blog up yet, so I'll have to post these photos here (for more on my pending craft blog and how I need your help, check this out).

My dear friend, Shannon, commissioned me to make the ceremony programs for her May 31 wedding. I was flattered and eager to take on the challenge of designing and producing 150 wedding programs worthy of being handed out on her big day. I also volunteered to create her thank-you cards and the cards for her wedding favors. She's not paying me per se (not that I would have let her), but she did buy all the supplies, and I get to keep the stamps and inks, etc.

I transformed our dining room table into my workspace for two main reasons: It's near the living room where Natalie likes to play, and having the project in a place where I see it every day motivates me to keep working on it.

Roughly 150 wedding programs--I thought the stack would have been higher!

The project spilled into my living room one evening. I had to spread all the programs out while the metallic ink dried, plus I wanted to watch a movie while I worked...

I have to confess, I love seeing my name in print!

The finished outside of the program (the text says Jim & Shannon/May 31, 2008). I'm also in charge of printing the insides of the programs and assembling them.

The finished favor cards, complete with a sealed plastic bag. The favors are wine charms, handmade by the bride's cousin. (I don't have any photos of the thank-you cards yet...)

And this is what happens when I leave my craft stuff on the floor.

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shannon said...

You are the best bridesmaid-bot in the world!!!

Thanks so much for adding this personal touch to the wedding. It's going to be great! 33 days to go!!!